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Filippo Bruno, 1978, is an Italian artist born and based in Milano. Since graduating from the Comics and Illustration School in Milan in 2000, he has collaborated with publishing houses, advertisement agencies, public art commissions and international galleries. Gaining recognition in the Italian art scene, Bruno adopts the pseudonym of Willow, creating his signature series of neopop artwork.  


Willow creates a universe of shapes, signs, bold colors and sharp lines that explode into energy and life through his characters. ​Following the rhythm of repetition introduced by Keith Haring, Basquiat and Warhol, Willow’s artworks are immediate and personal, first by its aesthetic appeal followed by an emotional connection. Through this repetition he creates a colorful and powerful reality, where shapes and expressions serve as a representation of an utopian world. Each of his characters come alive and find their own space to communicate.

"Willow takes us in a parallel, densely populated world, made of plain colors and precise, linear, continuous drawings, where each component has got its closing lines – but in any case there's some space for everyone! This world is populated by very particular beings, midway between microorganisms and viruses, who talk to each other by means of balloons; they don’t express themselves by using comic strip’s coded onomatopoeias, but rather by emitting sounds that identifies them."

​– Aldo Torrebruno

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